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We're focused on
Delivering Value


We love creating web and mobile systems. It's why we come to the office with a smile every day. We can help you create a modern, functional product that provides immediate value to your users.


Often, a custom solution is the wrong answer. Napa can help you with market analysis, comparison of existing industry offerings, build vs. buy decisions, and technology evaluations. Upfront work can save you serious time, money, and embarrassment.


Great applications begin with great designs. Our experts can help you plan out your next great technology launch, including system architecture, database design, security considerations, and performance optimization.


No application runs in a vacuum. Napa provides systems integration services, for our own software, for your proprietary applications, and for third-party platforms. Our team will provide you with all the tools necessary to connect your systems.


Traditionally, migrating from one system to another was almost always a headache. But Napa designs solutions to minimize the hassle, efficiently moving and massaging data from legacy platforms to new systems, and designing dependable, repeatable, automated solutions to save you time and aggravation.

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What Sets Us Apart

We do our best work when we partner with leaders who have a desire to innovate. We create prototypes tied to requirements, feasibility, creativity, and scope and then use our experience to deliver solutions far beyond what our clients expected or thought they could achieve.


We develop powerful solutions for our customers starting with a process that organizes the mission, business problems, target users and product ideas into a comprehensive vision.

Rapid Prototyping

We fast-track the development process for our customers by working closely with them, almost as an extension of their organization. We iteratively prototype, confirm and collaborate on concepts with our customers to achieve the appropriate result.

User First

We've succeeded over the years by listening to our users, deeply understanding their goals and problems, then delivering simple yet powerful solutions.

User Experience

We implement user-centered design practices to produce cohesive, predictable, and desirable effects in every interface we develop. You'll enjoy using our products, because they are created to optimize your user experience.

The Best Team Around

We hire the outstanding people with a shared vision, a passion for their work, and pride in what they create.


We provide short release cycles, automated builds and testing, and continuous integration. This results in predictable release schedules and higher quality products.


We iteratively develop our products, delivering the highest value items first and providing transparency to stakeholders. These principles are applied at all stages of our product lifecycle.

Simple Design

We build low dependency architectures to help lower your maintenance costs, reduce technical debt, and make it easier to add future capabilities when you need them.